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A country which has the outmost potential to economic growth like UAE, Infrastructures and construction of major hubs for economy is what we can see in the future.  Being said that, the need for fencing services is a necessity. A fast pace solution equipped to deal with the fast pace world is what Mahraj Fabrication and Metal Works can to offer.

Mahraj offers high quality care to all your crowd control barriers, temporary and permanent fences, corrugated fence/hoarding, temporary washrooms, storage, office cabins, security cabins, ticket booths, shower units and any customized metal works. Whether for indoor engagements, corporate or social event or to control unwanted access to under constructions areas like roads, bridges, parks, and temporary parking. A top-notched company that gives the best deals in the industry.

Considering heavy demand in crowd control Barriers, fencing and fabrication, people are looking for locally made standard specification barriers and weight so they don’t need to import from other countries to save the transit time and import cost. With this status quo, Mahraj provides high quality restriction requirement with standard specification and required weight fabricated from steel, aluminum and metal. Moreover, Mahraj offers metal fabrication for specific requirements. With years of experience on the field, Mahraj fencing, fabrication and metal works can guaranty to suffice the demand with high satisfaction.

Mahraj Fabrication and Metal Works also provides structure like customized containers, bus stops, signages, car park shades and variety of tents.

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